An Amazing Evangelistic/Apologetic Analogy

Dr. Tony Evans, the Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, is well known for his effective sermon illustrations—especially those that wind up his Bible message with a powerful punch imparting eternal truths.

Yesterday I awoke to his KWVE radio broadcast and heard his sermon and closing analogy (below). Not only did it give me chills, but I’m quite sure it jolted many unbelievers, who listened in, to surrender their hearts and lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, who has given us so very much.


An African boy was about to be mauled by a lion. The lion had leaped at him and got his paws on him. A missionary, who was a hunter, saw the event and picked up his rifle. He shot and killed the lion. Since the boy had been injured, the missionary picked the boy up and took him back to his tribe, and they healed him.

The missionary went back to his house. A few weeks later, he heard a noise outside his front door. He opened the door and found the boy with a long line of people behind him, carrying things.

The boy walked up on the missionary’s porch. The people following the boy put their baskets on the porch.

The missionary asked the boy, “What are you doing?”

“I’m coming to live with you,” he said.

“What do you mean you’re coming to live with me? I don’t understand.”

The boy said, “It’s the law of the jungle. When somebody saves your life, they own you. You delivered me. I would have been dead if it weren’t for you. Since the only reason I’m alive is because of what you did, I’m going to spend the rest of my life saying thank you for your deliverance. So I’m here to serve you.”

The missionary said, “You don’t have to do that.”

“Oh, I know I don’t have to. But in the law of the jungle, you’ve got to be grateful for somebody who delivered you from certain death.”


After telling this story, Tony Evans addressed his audience directly:

If you are here today and God has saved you … if you’ve been forgiven for of all your sins … and if you have eternity waiting for you … then God has delivered you from certain death.

So it ought not be that hard to follow the law of the kingdom. Take your life, your dreams, your hopes, your desires, and your relationships to God, lay them at the cross, and say:

“Lord, I’m here to serve You. I’m not going to apologize to anyone that I belong to You. They didn’t save my life. They didn’t deliver me. They didn’t forgive me. They didn’t give me heaven. You did that. And so You own me!”1


Tony Evans’s illustration and personal application also presents a subtle yet strong defense of the Christian faith. It portrays the reality of the magnificent God of the Bible and His love relationship with His believers:

  • No other God saved us from certain death spiritually.
  • No other God offers to forgive us of all our sins so we can live with Him forever.
  • No other God died a sacrificial death on our behalf so we could reach heaven.
  • No other God loves us deeply and unconditionally and desires a relationship with us.
  • No other God compares to the true and living God (since all other so-called gods are counterfeits, self-made, or nonexistent).


Those whom God has redeemed—and now belong to His eternal family—should be eager to witness about Him to others. And those who  are seekers of God—and are outside of God’s kingdom—should seriously consider receiving His free gift of salvation.

1 Dr. Tony Evans, Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dallas TX, excerpt from his Bible message aired 4-24-24 on KWVE radio (sermon series “Jesus the Lord: Encountering Jesus’ Names”). To learn more about Dr. Tony Evans, visit
2 To see more apologetic analogies on Marilyn’s blog site, go to (RE: CHRISTIANITY’S EXCLUSIVITY), (RE: UNRAVELING RELATIVISM), and (RE: THE REDEEMED CHRISTIAN, quoting C. S. Lewis).