(A Hypothetical letter Christians can customize
when introducing End-Times Gospel Tracts to teens or adults)

To my Family and Friends,

You are incredibly special to me, and I want the very best for you. That’s why I’m sending you the enclosed pamphlets explaining the End Times, as described in the Bible. Their messages are vital for such a time as this, and they can prepare you for what’s coming up!

According to the Bible’s remarkable timeline and predictions, terrible as well as wonderful events will take place in our world. For example, millions of people around the world are going to suddenly disappear in the glorious Rapture. If that happens during your lifetime (and it could even happen tomorrow!), wouldn’t you want to know why it happened, why you were left behind, and how to respond? Or how to be ready ahead of time?

These Rapture and Tribulation Gospel pamphlets are based on solid biblical Christianity, which trusts that the entire Bible is “God-breathed” (as the Bible claims). And its magnificent message is that our loving God desires all people to receive His free gift of salvation and then be destined for heaven. (Read John 3:16, the most well-known verse in the Bible.)

You might ask, “But why should I believe in what the Bible says?” There is overwhelming evidence for the truth of Christianity, including 300 accurately fulfilled Bible prophecies to date as well as the overall harmony and unity of all 66 books in the Bible, written over a span of 1,500 years. Actually, the amount of historical evidence provides a towering mountain of credibility. (If you’re interested, check out some of the best books on this topic, such as Evidence that Demands a Verdict and The Case for Christ.)

The God of the Bible, our Creator, is pure love and righteousness. He is also personally relatable, merciful, all-knowing, and ruler over all. He loves you far more than you could imagine! And He wants you to have a real relationship with Him, through His Son—Jesus Christ our Savior. Then you can join in the upcoming Rapture with all true believers (millions of them) and enjoy the blessings of heaven forever!

That’s why—when Jesus walked on the earth 2,000 years ago—He warned us to watch and be ready for the Rapture, for He will come at an hour when we do not expect Him (Matt. 24:42–44). And now, it’s is the next event to occur on the Bible’s prophetic clock.

If you’d like to discuss end-times events after reading these pamphlets, I welcome you to call or email me.



RESOURCES: To read or obtain these End-Times Gospel Tracts published by TRUE-WAY TRACTS® (endorsed by Bible Prophecy experts and based on the pre-tribulation timing of the Rapture), click on the individual icons posted at https://truewaytracts.com/product-category/k-end-times-tracts/.

Four tracts in the “TWT” younger generation (teen) series are:
(1) “The Rapture is Coming! Don’t Be Left Behind,” (2) “Reject the Mark! Or
Your Fate is Sealed,” (3) “Wake Up, Friend! End Times are Coming,” and (4) “OMG! Why Did So Many People Vanish? (Helpful Info for Those Left Behind After the Rapture Event).”
Four tracts in the “TWT” original (adult) series are:
(1) “Be Rapture-Ready, Not Left Behind,” (2) “Refuse the Mark, Or Your Fate is Sealed,” (3) “A Wake-Up Call for End Times!,” and (4) “Why Did So Many People Vanish? (Helpful Intel for Those Left Behind).”